Google’s Dremel Makes Big Data Look Small

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Google BigQuery Picture

It’s not so much visual, but you have to get answers before you have information to show. Want to query petabytes of data in a matter of seconds?

Google is continuing their charge in bringing the world’s information to our fingertips according to this article from Wired:

“Dremel is a way of analyzing information. Running across thousands of servers, it lets you “query” large amounts of data, such as a collection of web documents or a library of digital books or even the data describing millions of spam messages.

The difference is that Dremel can handle web-sized amounts of data at blazing fast speed. According to Google’s paper, you can run queries on multiple petabytes — millions of gigabytes — in a matter of seconds.”

Yeah, you read right….MILLIONS of GIGABYTES in a matter of seconds! Sure, there’s a little bit of hardware behind that result, but that’s really cool!

Want to try some of this for yourself? Google offers their BigQuery API.

Read more over at Wired.

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